6-way Distribution Board


9,000.00 8,500.00


D&B 6-Way (D6) Single-Phase (SPN) Distribution Board provides a very convenient way of power distribution in homes, offices, hotels, etc.

Its is reliable and rugged.

Features include:

  •      Single phase
  •     6-Ways
  •      Supplied with neutral & earth link, top & bottom detachable plates
  •      Suitable for surface & flush mounting
  •      Compact – occupy minimum space
  •      Raised neutral link for easy wiring and clean connections
  •      Detachable din bar with end stoppers for easy assembly of breakers
  •      Supplied with fully shielded bus-bars; Prevent accidental touching of bus bar
  •      Ease for installing and wiring the breakers
  •      It protect dust and cement particles entering while installing in flush mounting

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