GUEST WE BLOG: Concentrate On The Opportunities That Lie Ahead

GUEST WE BLOG: Concentrate On The Opportunities That Lie Ahead

College admission has now been my career for nearly eight years, but ahead of jumping onto this side regarding the desk, we invested two years as a high college counselor in my home state of Louisiana. I was never formally the school’s ‘college therapist,’ so I was spared from having to write hundreds upon hundreds of letters of suggestion. But during those couple of years, because of my role as moderator associated with the scholar Council, I became in a position to get to know a wide range of seniors who have been going right through the admission process. I am sure will leave a great number of students dissatisfied, confused, and questioning our judgment, a particular meeting with one of my favorite Student Council members is fresh on my mind as we prepare to mail out decisions regarding our scholarship decisions, which.

For the sake of this whole tale, let’s call him Scott. Scott was the superstar of our college. He was Class President every year during high school, he was the pep rally emcee, and I would go well over the word limit that this blog allows if I were to continue listing all his accomplishments. To top it well, he was just a kid that is incredibly likeable. I reached know Scott real well since I relied on him for a great deal of what our pupil Council was asked to do. Scott had the final amount of our school day down, so as my day was winding down, he’d often come by my office to hold out.

One time, with a couple of months left in their year that is senior arrived by looking as bummed out when I had ever seen him. He shared beside me he had been denied admission to their top choice college. To make matters worse, one of is own close friends, who he had planned to room with on campus, had been admitted. We didn’t really know what to Scott to greatly help him out. In ‘counseling school,’ we discovered that sometimes, the most readily useful approach to giving advice to some body who is depressed is always to not say such a thing at all, so that’s just what used to do.

When I ended up being driving home, it dawned on me that this rejection was probably the first time in nearly four years that Scott was denied one thing. He ended up being chosen for each leadership place, each club, and each group that he searched for during high school. And now, he was told ‘No’ by a college. Any of us in Scott’s shoes would respond the way that is same after many years of success we were suddenly faced with what seemed like a failure.

After pouring through hundreds upon hundreds of applications during our scholarship review process, and having to reject so numerous fantastic pupils the chance to receive a scholarship, I would personally bet that lots of our applicants feel like Scott did on that time some seven years back. My amazement at how much our applicants accomplish during their high school careers is matched by my disappointment it work for all of them that we can’t make. It is the ugly truth of our process, and of any competitive admission process, for that matter.

But let us go back in to Scott for a moment. Three years ago, he had been visiting Los Angeles, so he and I got together for dinner. He had just graduated from university, where, to no surprise, he had once again become a frontrunner on the campus community, albeit at a campus that was not their first choice school when he was a school that is high. And I’ll always remember what he said when he told me personally that he’dn’t gotten into the graduate program he had been hoping for: ‘I’m not concerned. I’ll eventually figure it out.’ Exactly What I learned for the reason that moment is compared to all the great things Scott discovered since he left senior school, the best of all ended up being the capability to cope with rejection. He did not become an epic failure he was denied from his dream school, and he had grown up so much in just a few short years like he might have felt when.

So at this time when our scholarship decisions have left lots of you feeling a glum that is little I hope Scott’s story provides some convenience. In place of harping on the loss of a scholarship, try and focus on the possibilities that still lie ahead. You may not realize it now, but there are more out there than you may possibly imagine.

Photo Diary

March is just a pretty month that is awesome. Month Spring is right around the corner, we are wrapping up decisions on thousands of applicants and it’s my birthday! We all know it’s tough waiting to hear right back from us and we have discussed just how to stay busy during this time. While you all are waiting for us to distribute final choices, we are putting in long hours to get everything out for you on time.

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